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Directors:  Margie Kelk and Lynne Slater
Music by: Ian Kelk
In a cold, lonely world, where buildings are like icebergs and people drift past each other on icefloes, Guy imagines belonging to a colony of penguins. From his window, he sees May, who also dreams of penguins. Inspired by the courage of penguins plunging off an icefloe into the unknown, he jumps off his own doorstep. Traversing dark waters, he searches the city’s streets looking for May. Connecting through their love of penguins, Guy and May are transformed. Overcoming their isolation, they face their world together.

This multimedia animated short combines stop-motion and digital animation with the icy beauty of Antarctica. In imagination, the characters enter the world of live action penguins and animated penguins also appear in their world. Music by David Cardona and Ian Kelk expresses the longing of the characters that they have no words to express.


  •  Montreal International Animation Film Festival, ANIMAZE
  • Marina del Rey Film Festival Marina del Rey California
  • Global Nonviolent Film Festival Hollywood California - Official Selection
  • Anatolia International Film Festival Istanbul Turkey
  • Bayamón International Film Festival Puerto Rico
  • Miami Indie Film Awards - Official Selection
  • SANTA BARBARA Film AWARDS virtual festival
    Virtual Milan Movie Awards festival
  • Quarter finalist, virtual Lonely Wolf International Film Festival
  • Nominee Film for the summer edition of the Hawaii International Film Awards
  • Semi-Finalist, Vancouver Independent MovieMaker Awards
  • Semi-Finalist, Brooklyn International Short Awards
  • Semi-Finalist, Hamburg Indie Fest
  • Semi-Finalist, International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo
  • Semi-Finalist, Austin Arthouse International Art Festival
  • Nominee, Oakland Film Festival, Oakland, California
  • Honorable Mention, ROME WOMEN FILM FESTIVAL
  • Finalist, FILMHAUS festival, Berlin, Germany
  • Semi-Finalist, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival
  • Semi-Finalist, Prague Underground Film Fedtival
  • Official Selection of the Golden Bridge Istanbul Short Film Festival
  • Semi-Finalist, April edition of the VIENNA Indie Film Festival
  • Semi-Finalist, SANTA CRUZ Independent FILM FESTIVAL
  • Semi-Finalist, April edition of the CALGARY Independent Film Festival
  • Semi-Finalist, Rotterdam Independent Film Festival
  • Semi-Finalist, Niagara Falls International Short Festival, March edition
  • Semi-Finalist for the March edition of the DUBLIN World Film Festival
  • Semi-Finalist, Arthouse Festival of Beverley Hills
  • Semi-Finalist, London International Filmmakers Festival
  • Semi-Finalist, Paris Lady MovieMakers Festival
  • Semi-Finalist, Río de Janeiro World Film Festival
  • Semi-Finalist, Seattle Filmmaker Awards