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Altered States

Work shown in Altered States exhibition, with Teri Donovan (
oil on panel, 2024

water media on paper, 2024

Altered States is a unique invitation to embark on a journey of discovery, where scratches amid shapes unveil hidden narratives within paintings. Drawing inspiration from the lyrical forces of nature, Kelk captures the interplay of colours bending and flowing, symbolizing the ever-changing dance between light and shadow. The fusion of greys melding into vibrant yellows and pinks represents the delicate balance between opposing forces. Kelk's paintings exude a profound strength, seamlessly blending a “wide spectrum of emotions—from tenderness to brutality—while straddling the line between figurative and abstract art. The harmonious palette is punctuated by "scarifications," adding depth and texture to the surface, evoking a primal sense of movement akin to a timeless dance.” The artist uses light, vibrant colours which bring a feeling of lightness, and with it, hope to the viewer.

(Statements in quotation marks allude to ideas offered by Spanish artist and composer Francisco Coll)