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In:FLUX Installation at the Red Head Gallery and In:FLUX Drawings

When will i learn to go without leaving footprints?
– Thomas Merton

word came, we
tried reasoning with
the darkness. We
started. We


The melting in-
differences. Some will
cause &
threaten. No. All
will. Then
we had
white walls. Now,
we have
a sense of gone
gone before the Moon, its
range & trials. All’s
not well.

We may
turn, being
somewhat about, but
we’re dreaming, we are, of
the shrinking window, of
the very weight of
the extinctions, of
their melting in-

Tense words in
the air. Long
keening sounds. All’s
not well. Not
well at

– Gil McElroy

Trips to Antarctica over the past two years informed my current artistic output.  Inspired by the geography, flora and fauna found in South Georgia Island and the Antarctic peninsula, I studied scientific reports about the feasibility of life continuing under the adverse conditions brought on by climate change in these regions.  Scientists have not yet discovered all of the possible life forms living in the southern oceans, and they are not sure how current life forms may adapt to the changing conditions.  I am creating my own series of possible life forms in the hopes that something may survive.

Explore the installation in 3D

In:FLUX Drawings