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Ignorance in Isolation


"We love hearing that Art Omi: Education's Creative Momentum projects are helping you cope with this tough time. Today we're sharing a drawing by Margie Kelk (@mskelk), who found inspiration in the work of Phung Huynh (@phungxion), whose work was the basis of the first project."

Ignorance in Isolation
Pictured: Margie Kelk, Ignorance in Isolation. 12” x 14”. Graphite on cardboard box.

"Before I drew on it, the box held a vegetarian lasagna which my husband and I, pictured here, ate last night for dinner. We both have full workloads, even during this crisis, so we often resort to frozen meals during the week. And we try to avoid eating meat. I drew my husband a bit frivolously, trying to give him an attitude of “Maybe I care a little bit, but I’m not really worried” which I would like him to espouse to comfort me during this time of uncertainty. I drew him first as I am quite concerned with his outlook on this virus. I would like his attitude to be an escape from all of the negative implications of the virus, but he does not take the disease and its implications lightly, despite what I wish he might do. Unfortunately he is much more the worrier than I would like right now. His worries affect me. I drew my concern in the portrait I made of me, and the worry I show leads from my husband’s right eye into the portrait of my timid uncertainty to suggest that things really are not right right now, no matter how I try to escape reality. I had no trouble overlapping the two portraits as both husband and I share the same angst in relation to Covid-19 and how it affects us."

— Margie Kelk .