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alcohol inks and gouache on paper

These drawings depict effervescent microbial organisms as they might appear after the destruction of life caused by long years of climate change and pollution resulting from human activity. Alternate life forms arise from the destruction of species. These living things are born from the dark emptiness of total extinction, emerging from the watery depths and populating lakes and seas. The new series is a direct reference to my animation, UnderSee, a short stop-motion film revolving around the destruction produced by pollution in the marine environment. Antarctica was the focus of the film as I endeavoured to show my audience what a beautiful continent we are at risk of losing. Like the life forms depicted in the drawings, my images seem to produce themselves spontaneously. I am influenced by the music that I hear, by elements that I discover in the natural world, and by literature. My artwork serves as a conduit to self-expression, referencing my current environmental concerns.