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nowhereness | an installation

Nowhereness, an installlation in five components, June 20 to July 14, 2012 at the Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Nowhereness implies a lack of place, or a place defined by absence: absence of body, of consciousness, of self. It's also an awkward word, something one might say, and that places the one who says it, grounds the one in nowhere, as in nowheresville - in other words a place defined by others, a weak place, almost but not quite nonexistent. Kelk's works in this exhibition deal with aspects of this place/lessness.

"Nowhereness" (2012) by Margie Kelk from The Red Head Gallery on Vimeo.

Characters/ Heads, ceramic, dimensions variable, 2010-12 
Mirrors, encaustic and ceramic on wood, 13” x 13”, 13” x 17” 2010-12 
Characters/ Keyboard, painted wood, plexiglass, ceramic, 64” x 21” 2011-12 
Village, ceramic, dimensions variable, 2010-12
Screenings/ iPads, plexiglass, ceramic, 13” x 17” 2010-12

Photography by Isaac Applebaum