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nowhereness | artcite

Nowhereness, exhibition at Artcite Incorporated, Windsor, Ontario

Exhibition dates: March 7 - April 19, 2014. 

"Margie Kelk’s current work is concerned with issues of pain, rootlessness, and alienation, in relation to online and offline social networking sites. Her ceramic heads – their faces distorted, filled with despair and sometimes hope – are placed among models of disassembled computer components; they become components themselves, victimized or in control. The dialog that emerges veers between ‘real,’ physical, and virtual ontologies; the pieces becomes sites of meditation. On one hand, for example, the elderly are swept aside in society’s continuing abandonment of individuals deemed useless; on the other, the elderly may be empowered by social networking. We’re living in a time of high-speed cultural change; Kelk’s work asks us to slow down and see what damage we may have caused, what promises may yet be fulfilled." -- Alan Sondheim
  • "Artcite exhibit imagines the world inside,"
    by Natasha Marar, Urbanite News (March 11, 2014)     View PDF
  • "Exhibition explores mental health,"
    by Sarah Hurst, The Lance (March 7, 2014)  View PDF