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Hidden Secrets: Gallery 1313, Toronto, Ontario, 2006

These works depict an idyllic world bordering on a realm wherein spirits play and dance. Characters from the courtly world of Watteau stare at strange otherworldly beings; courtly lovers sit next to a circus ring of spirits whose gestures imitate theirs; a lady sits swinging while cupid flies chasing gold leaves. All appears peaceful and pleasant; however closer inspection of some of the paintings gives a feeling of gravity and collapse.

Blindfolded Cassandra holds what appears to be a cavorting spirit in her hand, but what she does not see is the foreboding house towards which he is jumping. The woman in the swing seems oblivious to the dark world in splinters at her right. Bleakness and obscurity threatens the bright world of humans and spirits at play. This might have some bearing on the position of humanity in the world of today, threatened as it is with so many social and environmental issues.